AirGo is the file-sharing app that helps you to transfer the files from the iPad to your computer with the help of a Wi-Fi network. AirGo is developed by Avatron Software and you can also connect to the iPad or other iOS devices as a wireless shared drive. AirGo sharing is the file sharing and document viewing application for the operating system.

The application lets clients mount the gadget hard rollover remote web to a PC and intuitive documents. In the AirGo app, Users also view files and manage files on the iPhone in many popular formats. And on the bottom showed an IP address and Apple Bonjour address. On stacking the application on the iPhone, iPod contact, or iPad, a view demonstrated documents spared in the product. AirGo sharing app could also be mapped as a network drive using WebDev (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning). In Wi-Fi chatting AirGo, You can chat with your friends using Wi-Fi AirGo with secure. In the AirGo file manager, you can share files and as well as you can use file manager and photos, play, music, videos, etc. And You can also transfer your favorite files directly to USB. AirGo is the free action game app which is also available on the Play store. AirGo is the most useful app but the minimum requirement of this app is Android 2.3.2+. The latest version of the AirGo is 1.0 which is helped to increase the speed of Game.


  • You can share your files, documents, photos, videos via browser in AirGo.
  • AirGo also provides you dark mode which is a color scheme that uses light-colored text and user interface elements.
  • AirGo provides you AMOLED display device technology for your devices and it is less battery consuming.
  • AirGo presents a safe sharing of your files and it protects your privacy (data).
  • In AirGo, You can move your PUBG files as you can wish in Tencent directly in AirGo.
  • You can directly share the OS(Operating System) apps of your mobile to other mobiles.

 Apk Version-

The latest version of the AirGo is 1.0 which is published on 2014-09-20.